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Every year on July 10th, cannabis enthusiasts gather to celebrate 710 Day, a holiday dedicated to the appreciation and consumption of cannabis concentrates. While 420 Day has long been associated with cannabis culture, 710 Day has emerged as a special occasion for those who enjoy the potency and unique experiences offered by concentrates.

Looking to celebrate 710 in Massachusetts? If so, we’ve got the best 710 deals in the state at Orange Cannabis Co. We’ll be raffling off a Puffco and running hard-to-beat 710 specials. Check out a few reasons to celebrate 710 in Massachusetts with us.

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Origin of 710 – OIL Day

The origins of 710 Day can be traced back to the early days of cannabis concentrate consumption. The number “710” is closely associated with cannabis oil or concentrates due to the number representing the word “OIL” when flipped. This clever play on words gave birth to the idea of dedicating a day to celebrate cannabis concentrates, similar to how “420” became synonymous with cannabis culture as a whole.

Are you into flower but still new to concentrates? Check out our concentrates guide.


Want to win a Puffco Proxy? Receive a raffle entry for every gram (or two .5g) of concentrates purchased on Monday July 10th. Winners will be announced the next day! Must be an OCC loyalty member to enter.

710 Specials

We’ll be running specials on concentrates all day on 710.

  • 20% off all Concentrates. We’ve got you covered with everything from shatter to wax to diamonds.
  • Two .5g In House Disposable Vapes for $40
  • Airo Pods Buy 1 Get 1 for 0.01
  • Any 3 Boomsticks for $45

Other 710 Deals

710 may be concentrated on oils (see what we did there), but we figured we should include something for everyone.

We Make It Easy to Celebrate 710 in Massachusetts at Orange

Every year on July 10th, concentrate lovers fire up the rig and celebrate. At Orange Cannabis Co, we can’t wait to help you celebrate 710 in Massachusetts with all the best 710 deals, specials, and giveaways. Be sure to swing by and see us and keep an eye on our menu to get a peek at other 710 specials!

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