NECANN Cup Winners 2024

NECANN Cup Trophies

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NECANN, the largest cannabis convention in New England, took place this weekend in Boston. In addition to convening many of the largest brands and vendors in the state, NECANN also organized the NECANN Cup, a third party blind evaluation of cannabis flower and products in the region.

This year there were competitions for both home growers and licensed facilities. Blinded flower samples are taken home by a collection of judges, and those judges take notes on the flower based on bud structure, smell, taste, and effects. In addition to these subjective categories, samples are separately sent out to an independent lab to test cannabinoid profiles and terpenes.

We entered flower into three categories, indica, sativa, and hybrid, under our OCC brand, and with our partners The Cure Company and The Originals, and we’re stoked with the results.

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NECANN Cup Results

  1. Highest THC Hybrid – Curelato Runtz – The Cure Company
  2. Highest THC Indica – The Cure OG – The Cure Company
  3. Highest Terpene Percentage Indica – Skywalker OG – Originals
  4. 5th Place Sativa – Jack Herer – Originals
  5. 5th Place Indica – The Cure OG – The Cure Company
  6. 5th Place Hybrid – Curelato Runtz – The Cure Company

There’s a lot more to good flower than just THC or TAC, but if you’re looking for the most potent stuff in the state, then you definitely want to try ours.

We’re thrilled with the results of the competition. Not only did we place well and often, but all of our submissions were from our first few harvests. Our flower is only going up from here as our cultivation and trim team gets better and better.

Speaking of, a huge thank you to the cultivation and trim staff. Generating results like this takes massive amounts of work and attention to detail. They should feel extremely proud of the work they’ve done and continue to do.

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If you want to try our award winning flower, the best place to go is our store at 5 S Main St in Orange. You can find A buds of these strains under The Cure Company and Originals Family Farms brands, and popcorn and prerolls under the Orange Cannabis Co brand.

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