Lifted Yoga: Enhancing Yoga with Cannabis

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There are many great ways to enjoy cannabis, be it relaxing at home after a long work day or taking in the outdoors with a walk or hike. For those who like to activate their mind and body, yoga provides a natural pairing with cannabis.

Luckily for us in the Orange / Athol area of Route 2, there is the perfect place right here to practice yoga alongside cannabis.

In order to learn more about what she refers to as Lifted Yoga, we chatted with local yoga instructor (and one of our favorite customers at the dispensary), Brandy Lefsyk. Brandy is owner/operator of Home & Heart Studio in Orange, MA.

What is Lifted Yoga?

Lifted yoga, also known as ganja yoga, lifted spirits yoga, and soul high, is a mindful movement where we use cannabis while practicing yoga. I’ve been teaching for 18 years, and both yoga and cannabis have changed my life for the better. It’s only been since the summer of 2020 that I began teaching Lifted Classes in my backyard. It started to organically grow, and soon I realized that having my own studio space where we can consume and use cannabis in community was something that I needed to do. I recently opened my own studio space in Orange, MA where I teach Lifted classes every Sunday morning from 10-11 AM.
People bring their own bud, and we practice yoga.
Classes range in age and abilities. Lifted classes focus typically on more gentle mindful functional movement patterns in both new and familiar ways, mudras which are energetic hand positions, and end with a relaxing reiki (which is energy healing) and sound bath (which is singing bowls in healing frequencies).
Drop ins are welcome for $20 (note: must be 21+ to attend).

What makes yoga and cannabis a good fit together?

Cannabis is medicine for the body, mind, spirit.

“Cannabis acts as a spiritual ally, an inner truth serum. In the ancient Indian Vedic scriptures, ganja was considered a respected tool for spiritual transformation, a holy sacrament”.
– Darrin Zeer

Using cannabis during yoga can help with deeper embodiment, enhanced relaxation, elevated creativity.

Are there any particular strains that you or your clients are fond of pairing with yoga?

I personally prefer sativa or hybrid sativa dominant strains: Amnesia Haze, Train Wreck, White Nightmare, Lemon Diesel. Everyone’s different of course, and many of the people that come to class use different strains.

Be sure to head to Brandy’s studio to elevate and meditate alongside of her. Lifted Yoga is every Sunday at 10 AM, but there are a variety of other classes available as well.

Already a student at Home & Heart Studio? Did you know that you can earn gift cards for classes just by visiting us at the dispensary? Become an OCC member, and catch a Lifted Yoga class on us!

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