How to Roll a Joint – No Fuss Tips

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When you have the finest flower to smoke and no pipe, knowing how to roll a joint can mean everything. The process seems simple, and, really, rolling a basic joint is not all that difficult. A few good pointers and high-quality rolling papers, and you’re good to go. Check out how to roll a good joint, along with a few extra tips, below.

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How to Roll a Joint without a Filter

Grind your flower using a grinder or chop it into small, uniform pieces with scissors or your fingers in a pinch. You don’t have to go overboard here—usually, a few twists with a grinder will do.

The average joint will only contain about half a gram of flower. However, if you want a skinnier joint or thicker joint, feel free to adjust as needed. If this is your first time, rolling with less flower will be easier. Once your flower is prepared:

  1. Lay the rolling paper on a flat surface
  2. The thin strip of adhesive should be faced up and on top
  3. Sprinkle the ground flower along the crease in the paper evenly
  4. Pick up the paper with your forefingers and thumbs and begin rolling the flower into a narrow, tubular shape
  5. Roll the bottom of the paper over the flower until you reach the adhesive strip
  6. Slightly moisten the strip and seal the joint
  7. Twist one end of the joint to seal it off
  8. Gently tap the joint to pack the flower a bit by tapping the twisted end on a hard surface

How to Roll a Joint with a Filter

Smoking with a filter ensures you can smoke all the flower and can help the joint hold its shape. If you want to use a filter, you simply place the filter at one end of the joint before you begin rolling. Once you start rolling, be careful to keep the filter in place on one end.

How to Roll a Filter for a Joint

If you don’t have store-bought filters, you can make your own rudimentary filter as well. All you need is a piece of cardstock or cardboard. About a one-inch wide and a few inches long piece of your rolling paper package may even do. Simply fold the paper accordion style or into the shape of a W before rolling it into your joint.

How to Roll a Cone Joint

Cone joints are simply thicker on one end than the other. So, while you’re rolling, make sure the amount of flower and size of your roll gets gradually smaller. The filter end should be smaller than the end you will burn. The best cone joints are usually made with a larger rolling paper and a bit more flower.

How to Roll a Cross Joint

Cross joints are basically a thicker joint with a thinner joint poked through the center to create a cross. Therefore, you will roll two joints, one thick and one thin. Then, use a pointed dowel rod or thin instrument to poke a hole through the thicker joint. Shimmy the thinner joint through the opening to create a cross.

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