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Will Cannabis Edibles Get Me High?

Yes, if you purchase edibles with THC, they will get you high. The exact experience depends on your tolerance level and biology.

How Many Edibles Can I Buy?

Edibles are broken down by product and THC concentration. By Massachusetts law, individuals can buy up to 500 mg of edibles with a total THC concentration of 100 mg. We do the measuring for your convenience, though.

What Kind of Edibles Can I Buy?

The most common cannabis edibles include chocolates, gummies, sodas/seltzers, chewy candy, and mints. We offer a wide selection of products, which you can find here.

How Much Should I Eat at Once?

If you’re new to cannabis, we recommend taking small bites and waiting for about an hour to see how it will affect you. If the effects are mild, you can take another bite, and so on.

What Happens if I Eat Too Many Edibles?

The exact experience varies from one person to the next. However, it’s possible to “overdose” on cannabis and have an intense reaction. While cannabis isn’t lethal in high doses, it can lead to nausea, vomiting, dizziness, headaches, rapid heartbeat, and chest pain.

How Long Does it Take for Edibles to Get Me High?

Usually, individuals can start feeling effects between 30 minutes to two or three hours. We recommend waiting at least one hour before ingesting more cannabis.

What Happens if I Smoke and Eat Edibles?

Smoking cannabis gets you high much faster than consuming edibles. If you take both forms of cannabis, you could have an intense high that will last for several hours. We don’t recommend doing this unless you know your tolerance.

How Long Does Cannabis Stay in My System After Eating Edibles?

Trace amounts of cannabis can stay in your body for up to 12 days after consuming edibles. However, it may take as little as one or three days to flush everything from your system.

What are the Side Effects of Taking Cannabis Edibles?

The primary effect is feeling high, which can be euphoric and liberating. You may also feel drowsy and hungry after taking edibles. Some users report adverse side effects like paranoia, anxiety, vomiting, and impaired motor abilities.

Are All Cannabis Edibles the Same?

No, there are variations between products, including the type of cannabis used (Sativa or Indica) and the potency. Some products are more potent than others, so pay attention to the label before ingesting anything.

Can I Consume Edibles in Public?

No, it’s illegal to use any form of cannabis in public in Massachusetts. You can be cited and fined accordingly.

Is it Safe to Drive After Taking Edibles?

While long-time cannabis users may feel comfortable driving after consuming edibles, we strongly advise against the practice. It’s also illegal to drive under the influence, so your license could get suspended, and you may get hit with high fines.

How Long Do Edibles Stay Potent?

When kept in a cool, dry place, most edible products should stay potent for up to six months. However, the actual longevity depends on the product, the concentration of THC, and how it’s stored. As a rule, you should consume your edibles within three months just to be safe.

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