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Curelato weed strain is a byproduct of the Gelato 33 strain. It is an excellent bud that delivers a mild and somewhat euphoric high. This flower is an all-around favorite of smokers everywhere, thanks to its delightful scents, flavors, and effects.

This strain also has a pretty decent THC percentage (around 28 percent, depending on the grower), so it’s recommended for experienced smokers. If you’re going to try Curelato as a newbie, we suggest starting with a small dose and working your way up from there. Although the high it produces is relatively mild, it can be intense for inexperienced users.

Our partners at the Cure Company have begun growing Curelato here in MA, and we should be carrying in the store in early 2024. Stay tuned!

Is Curelato Indica or Sativa?

Curelato is an evenly balanced hybrid, with about 50 percent Sativa and 50 percent Indica. It’s really a “true” hybrid because it doesn’t favor one variety over the other. This is another reason why so many smokers give a positive Curelato strain review.

More Curelato Strain Characteristics

Before putting anything into your body, it’s good to know as much about it as possible. Here’s a rundown of what you can expect from this weed strain.


Curelato is a derivative of the Gelato 33 strain. Specifically, its parentage is Thin Mint GSC and Sunset Sherbet. Although it’s a 50/50 hybrid, Curelato tends to lean toward the Indica side of the spectrum.


The bud itself has a dark green and purple appearance, with fiery orange hairs coming out.


The main scents you’ll notice when smelling Curelato are sweet and creamy. However, once you get used to the initial wave, you’ll also notice hints of wood (pine), citrus, and herbs. It has a mostly earthy and uplifting scent.


The taste profile of Curelato is pretty much the same as its aroma. You’ll notice a sweet creaminess upfront, with delicate notes of citrus and sour flavors on the back end. You may also detect subtle vanilla flavors if you’re paying attention.

Effects: how will Curelato make me feel?

With its mix of Sativa and Indica strains, you’ll get a mild head high that settles into peaceful relaxation. Unlike most Indica strains, you won’t feel sleepy, but you’ll definitely be able to relax and calm down, especially if you’re feeling anxious or nervous.

Overall, you’ll feel happy and satisfied when smoking Curelato strain, but not as energetic as you would with a true Sativa strain.

Strains like Curelato

Basically, Curelato is similar to any other derivatives of Gelato #33, including Ice Cream Cake, Lunch Break, Amnesia Haze, and Killer Orgasm.

Where to Buy Curelato in Massachusetts

Curelato is a pretty common strain in Massachusetts, so many dispensaries will carry it. However, not all stores may have it, so it’s imperative to check beforehand so you don’t get disappointed when you go shopping.

Buy Curelato Strain or Similar Strains at Orange Cannabis Co

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