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Gearing up for a big celebration of 420 in Massachusetts? If so, we’ve got the best 420 deals in the state at Orange Cannabis Co, and you definitely don’t want to miss out on all the fun. We’ll be hosting a raffle, providing awesome door busters, and running hard-to-beat 420 specials all week from Monday until the big day for weed appreciation on Thursday. Check out a few reasons to celebrate 420 in Massachusetts with us.

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Raffles, Door Busters, and 420 Deals All Week

Want to win a Puffco Proxy or the best piece of glass we have in store? For the Puffco, receive a raffle entry for every gram (or two .5g) of concentrates purchased between Monday and Thursday. For the glass, receive a raffle entry for every gram of flower (can be from grams, eighths, prerolls, etc) purchased between Monday and Thursday. Winners will be announced on Friday! Must be an OCC loyalty member to enter.

Also, 420 Door Busters will occur between 10 am and noon Monday through Thursday. Note that supplies are limited and subject to selling out.

  • $15 8th of Clifford or 4 Kingz with every purchase over $40
  • Hidden Hemlock 8th and half gram pre-rolls for $4.20
  • 30% off all CBD
  • Buy 3 house grams for $18
  • 5 pack of 1g “7 of 9” prerolls for $30

Monday All-Day 420 Specials

Tuesday All-Day 420 Deals

  • 2 Mixed Red Berries Edibles for $40. Save almost 30%
  • 15% off concentrates all day
  • Half Ounce of Harbor Sunset for $90
  • Buy a 4 pack Cantrip at regular price, get a second 4 pack for a penny

Wednesday All-Day 420 Specials

  • Mix and match Ounce of Budhaus eighths for $250! Save $150!!!
  • GMO Cookies pre-rolls 2 for $20
  • 15% off edibles
  • Buy 3g of Root & Bloom Wax concentrates for $90
  • Buy 2 Cali 47 Airo for $55!

Thursday All-Day 420 Deals

  • Penny pre-roll with every purchase over $45
  • House eighth for $20
  • 2 Budhaus 8ths for $75
  • Maui Wowie and Forbidden Fruit .5g Carts: buy one get the second for a penny
  • Buy 3 50mg Betty’s Eddies for $28
  • Buy 1 Mr. Moxey’s Mints, get one for a penny
  • Plus Sweet and Salty Munchie Bags for every customer while supplies last
    • The first 50 Munchie Bags can be purchased for a nickel and come with a .5g preroll!

We Make It Easy to Celebrate 420 in Massachusetts at Orange

Every year on April 20th, cannabis lovers all over the world light up and celebrate. At Orange Cannabis Co, we can’t wait to help you celebrate 420 in Massachusetts with all the best 420 deals, specials, and freebies. Be sure to swing by and see us and keep an eye on our menu to get a peek at other 420 specials!

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