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Cadillac Rainbows

Cadillac Rainbows is a potent strain of cannabis that has a powerful concentration of about 37 percent THC. With such a punch, we only recommend this flower for experienced users. Newbies can sample a small amount, but it may be too intense and knock them flat on the couch, where they’ll remain until it wears off.

cadillac rainbows strain

Is Cadillac Rainbows Indica or Sativa?

This strain is an Indica-dominant strain, so it’s great for helping users relax and unwind. While it’s not necessarily a good sleep aid, it can be ideal for late at night when you’re trying to de-stress and fall asleep.

More Cadillac Rainbows Strain Characteristics

Before putting anything into your body, it’s good to know as much about it as possible. Here’s a rundown of what you can expect from this weed strain.


Cadillac Rainbows is a result of crossing Runtz and Pure Michigan.


The name of this strain stems from its appearance, which is a multi-colored rainbow of red, purple, white, green, and a little blue. While it’s not exactly what you’d see in the sky after a rainy day, it’s very vibrant and calls attention to itself.


Cadillac Rainbows has a slightly sweet and gassy aroma. Not as pleasant as other hybrids, but certainly not as dank, either.


Most users report a relatively strong diesel flavor that has some fruity and sweet notes that hit on the back of the tongue. Doesn’t taste quite as pretty as it looks.


It’s unknown which terpenes are most dominant in this strain, although it likely has myrcene and linalool, based on its aroma and effects.

Effects: how will Cadillac Rainbows make me feel?

When looking at any Cadillac Rainbows strain review, one thing is clear—this cannabis hits hard and fast. As we mentioned, such a high THC concentration means this flower is reserved only for experienced smokers. Newbies need not apply.

As an Indica-dominant strain, you’ll experience a deep head high that can give you couch lock and help you relax. We don’t recommend taking this when you need to do anything, as it will slow you down.

Strains like Cadillac Rainbows

Some similar Indica-dominant strains can include White Rhino or Raspberry Kush.

Where to Buy Cadillac Rainbows in Massachusetts

Cadillac Rainbows is not as well-known or widespread as other strains, so you may not find it at any dispensary in Massachusetts. That said, it’s not exactly rare, so most of the larger stores or chains should have it in stock.

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