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Wana Gummies

When it comes to alternative ways to enjoy the fascinating and therapeutic effects of cannabis, edibles are no doubt a popular option. While most brands offer tried-and-true cannabis-infused gummies and candies, another type of edible has taken center stage: 1906 Drops.

These unique cannabis edibles are less like edibles and more like fast-acting tablets and people are absolutely loving them. Here is a closer look at 1906 Drops, reviews, and more.

Not sure if lightweight or if new Wana gummies just hit hard (took 10mg and feeling high af). Who else has tried them?

pb_rogue Review via Reddit

I love gummies. They definitely hit hardest out of the edibles. Really enjoyed the Japanese citrus Wana.

vannucker Review via Reddit

Wana seems to hit way harder than other gummies that I’ve tried on the market. That pomegranate one is great with all the CBD.

nessarosales Review via Reddit

Wana Gummies

Product Specs

Wana Gummies is a cannabis edible brand that has dedicated their craft to research and development, keeping their products at the very top of the edible world. As a result of their efforts and care for their products, they have an ever-expanding lineup of gummies that allow the user to have a completely customizable experience.

Wana does not cut corners as a company, and they strive to bring you a product that provides the most premium cannabis experience that they are confident almost anyone will enjoy. Wana makes an entirely vegan, terpene-enhanced, meltproof gummy by avoiding inferior ingredients such as animal-derived gelatin and artificial sweeteners.

Wana Gummies Product Line

  • Wana Quick: Cannabis Gummies with five- to 15-minute onset and a two to four hour Duration, 10 mg
  • Tarts: Discreet cannabis edibles that taste like fruit, 5 mg
  • Tinctures: Sugar-free, minty tinctures with five- to 15-minute onset, 1 fluid oz
  • Optimals Gummies: Revolutionary custom blend gummies for focus and sleep with fruity flavors
  • Solventless Gummies: Fruity gummies made with solventless extracted live rosin

Wana Gummies Reviews

After looking at many reviews from Weedmaps of Wana Gummies products, it is safe to say that they are a fast acting, potent edible that will easily deliver you the high that you desire. These gummies are also said to leave users with virtually no sense of anxiety or panic. They also lead the user on a journey that starts with a euphoric buzz and leads to an all out body and head high that will leave you happy and help you drift into a deep and peaceful sleep.

We have decided to give more in depth reviews on two top selling Wana products:

Wana Sour Mango Gummies – Sativa

The reviews from Weedmaps for the Wana Sour Mango sativa gummies are outstanding. According to most of the reviews the Sour Mango gummies are absolutely delicious and good for:

  • A light happy high
  • Pain relief
  • A sense of euphoria
  • A good body high

Based on the reviews, we recommend these edibles to anyone, no matter your level of tolerance. Non-smokers seem to like them especially, noting that one gummy gives them a non-paranoid, happy high.

Wana Sour Blueberry – Indica

The Weedmaps reviews for the Wana Sour Blueberry indica gummies are even better than the Sour Mango! The reviews for these gummies tend to say that it is fairly easy to get the high that you want, whether that be one, two, or five gummies. Specifically, the Sour Blueberry indica gummies are good for:

  • A quick high
  • Easy control over munchies at a lighter dose
  • A euphoric feeling
  • Pain relief
  • Sleep
  • A head and body stone

For both the Wana Sour Apple and Sour Blueberry gummies, we recommend that new users start with one 10mg THC gummy and see how it goes from there. Remember, you can always take more, but you can’t take any away. With one, you are guaranteed at least a nice happy buzz and body high.

Wana Gummies FAQs

Who makes Wana Gummies?

According to, “Nancy Whiteman is co-founder and CEO of Wana Brands, a manufacturer of cannabis-infused edibles based in Boulder, Colorado.”

Are Wana Gummies vegan?

Yes, Wana Gummies are indeed vegan.

How strong are Wana Gummies?

One pack of Wana Gummies contain 10 gummies at 10mg THC each.

How many gummies should I take?

Dosing cannabis edibles is a highly personal experience. We recommend starting with one and consuming more as needed.

What is different about Wana Gummies products?

Wana cannabis products are crafted with the highest quality in mind, with a vegan, terpene-enhanced, melt-proof recipe. Wana relies on testing to ensure its products have expected potency and consistency. Wana’s innovation team focuses on cannabis science to drive research and development in its first-of-their-kind products, such as the company’s bestselling Wana Quick Fast-Acting Gummies. Wana boasts an ever-growing lineup of product forms, doses, CBD/THC ratios, onset times, and effects, allowing customization of the cannabis experience.

As a community-focused, woman-owned business, Wana remains committed to building up the communities served, emphasizing issues of food security, housing, domestic violence, LGBTQIA+ rights, and racial justice.

Where to Buy Wana Gummies in MA

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You can find Wana products and many more at Orange Cannabis. As Massachusetts first recreational dispensary, we know our stuff. And we know you’ll love Wana gummies.

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