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Special Blue Torch & Butane

Not everything that lights things on fire is “just a lighter.” Special Blue proves that with its line of high-end, deluxe refillable butane torches and lighters. They’re manufactured to exacting standards and must pass three separate inspections before they reach the hands of cannabis consumers or others. It’s all done with the goal of allowing users access to the highest-quality crafted tools, burning the cleanest European butane.

Special Blue Torches and Butane

Product Line

As noted above, Special Blue’s primary focus is on its deluxe butane torches and lighters. Torches are compact and visually appealing, available in a variety of colors and styles. Meanwhile, more portable butane lighters come in many different sizes, materials, and designs, including ones with USB-powered igniters. Users can refill their torch with Special Blue’s personal brand of clean-burning European butane, which has been cold-filtered to remove impurities – sometimes as many as nine times! Special Blue also provides an acclaimed line of odor eliminators and reducers, from car air fresheners to room sprays and scented candles. Each offers a dozen different scents, providing plenty of choices for all tastes.

Special Blue Review

Those looking for a high-quality butane torch will be hard-pressed to find a better choice than the many options offered by Special Blue. Their pro torches include features like automatic ignition, adjustable flame size, and flame locks. Ergonomic designs fit comfortably in your hand, while Special Blue’s elegant but simple design also makes it easy to refuel your butane torch in just seconds. Plus, Special Blue buyers can rest easy knowing the company backs their torch with a two-year warranty that protects against any problems with materials or workmanship.

Special Blue’s highly effective odor control and eliminator products are also a wonderful addition to any cannabis smoker’s toolkit. The company’s delightful scents like lavender dream, berry pie, or vanilla chronic are a sharp contrast to the harsh chemical smells of many commercial sprays. Candles are also an excellent way to add ambiance to your smoking session while keeping cannabis or smoke smell under control.

Where to Buy Special Blue Torches and Butane in MA

Come See Us!

Unlike many top cannabis products and accessories, Special Blue isn’t limited to the Bay State’s many marijuana dispensaries. Special Blue products can be found at a variety of smoke shops, cigar stores, and other retailers that sell lighters and smoking accessories. We carry Special Blue’s torches, lighters, butane refills, and other products in store!.

Buy Special Blue at Orange Cannabis Co.

For cannabis consumers looking for a top-tier butane torch, lighter, or butane refill, the best place to grab it is at Orange Cannabis Company in Orange, MA. Special Blue’s quality, affordable products are just a small part of the many diverse marijuana and CBD products available at Orange Cannabis Co., from flower and edibles to concentrates and topicals. And customers can rest assured they’re buying the perfect cannabis or accessory for them, thanks to Orange Cannabis Co.’s experienced and friendly staff.

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