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Old Pal is an exclusive and affordable line of cannabis goodies designed to meet the needs of seasoned weed consumers to curious newbies. The premium, all-natural products include varieties of full flower Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid, and are easily accessible at our recreational marijuana dispensary in Orange, MA.

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Product Specs

Start or end your day with these high-quality cannabis smokeables that are carefully crafted to create lasting vibes:

  • Old Pal Flower: Each bag is carefully packed with high-quality Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid flower for shareable euphoria.
  • Old Pal Ready to Roll: Time to roll out with the classic 5mg or 14g Ready to Roll Pre-Ground Flower kit containing everything you need for a euphoric adventure.
  • Old Pal Cartridge: 510 transcendent oil vaping cartridges that promise much-deserved bliss.
  • Old Pal Pre-Roll and Blunts: For elevated moments.


Old Pal FAQs

Who makes Old Pal?

Old Pal, LLC., is a Los Angeles, CA, cannabis production and distribution company founded in 2018. Marketing itself as a lifestyle brand, the company is dedicated to providing trusted products across multiple states that are consistently high-quality. Their vision is in line with the idea that weed should be abundant, accessible, and affordable, and the experience should be shared with neighbors and friends. Their brand extends to Old Pal Provisions, a line of personal and home goods.

How potent are Old Pal’s Products

Old Pal Flower is sold as 1 oz or 1/8 oz. Their Special Blue Flower averages 25-28% THC. Old Pal Ready to Roll varieties includes the 5g and 14g joints and average 13.14% THC. The 14g pre-ground flower contains 25% average THC. Old Pal Cartridge comes in 0.5g and 1g varieties. The Clementine Cartridge averages 68.9% THC per pull.

How are Old Pal’s Products made?

Old Pal Flower, Old Pal Ready to Roll, and other ganja products are meticulously hand-crafted from all-natural, sun-kissed, and rain-watered cannabis plants. All products meet the industry extraction, processing, and manufacturing standards.

How Much Old Pal should I take?

Marijuana experience is personal and dosage is typically based on each individual consumer’s tolerance level. Follow the content guide on the packet label for THC potency.

Old Pal Reviews

Reading old pal weed reviews can pique the curiosity of even a non-toker. Whole or rolled, expect consistent taste, quality, and smoothness in every puff. One Leafly reviewer was surprised that the Indica full flower 1/8oz was such a good product at a cheap price.

Where to Buy Old Pal in MA

Come See Us!

Old Pal cannabis is available at selected local retail outlets. Grab your bag of Old Pal Flower or Old Pal Ready to Roll right here at Orange Cannabis Co.

Buy Old Pal at Orange Cannabis Co. and enjoy the vibes

While at our retail showroom, browse the Old Pal selection of shareable cannabis and other premium brands. Pre-grounded flowers, edibles, pre-rolls, concentrates, and more, we got you covered. Call (978) 633-4225 to order for pickup.

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