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Morning Dew Cultivars

Morning Dew Cultivars refers to itself as “an artisan producer of legacy cannabis” located in Massachusetts’ Pioneer Valley. The company boasts a state-of-the-art indoor garden and a curing library to care for its curated collection of cannabis. The company’s cannabis genetics spotlights signature terpene profiles, favorable flowering structures and a commitment to deliver supreme highs, in addition to rich flavors and aromas. Morning Dew is built on its foundation of the people, planet and purpose, which stems from the company’s belief that communities must discover and navigate stewardship of plant-based wellness.

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Morning Dew Cultivars Reviews

I liked the buzz myself. Very uplifting and really got my mind going. Still enough bottom end to not make me go wishing it was more Indica leaning or have to go follow it up with something. 10/10 in effect.

funandgames12 Review via Reddit

Three large buds, nicely trimmed and resinous, caked with light amber trichomes. Near perfection. Nice hazy terpinolene aroma of green candy and fresh lemon/lime citrus. Immediately uplifting, with a nice sense of euphoria.

chicannabisresearch2 Review via Reddit

Morning Dew Cultivars

Product Line

The latest Morning Dew cannabis line includes the following strains:

  • Platinum Cake
  • Berkshire OG
  • Cream + Sugar
  • Cake Crasher
  • Mac Daddy
  • Sherb Diesel
  • Oreoz
  • Miracle Alien Cookies
  • Apple Fritter
  • Chem ’91
  • Cadillac Rainbows

Morning Dew Cultivars FAQs

What is different about Morning Dew weed?

Morning Dew leverages data and energy-efficient technology to optimize plant potential. Its cultivation team focuses on producing trichome-soaked flowers and takes the time to hand-trim and independently test them for purity and potency before being distributed to licensed retailers. Morning Dew Cultivators dry-trimming method offers a slow drying process for the plants, which allows enzymes to break down the sugar naturally in the plants.

How does Morning Dew carry out its mission of positive impact through cannabis?

Morning Dew emphasizes bold environmental and social equity programs at the center of its work as a way to create a positive impact with cannabis. The company’s vertical gardens and curing library provide an environmentally-friendly process and are equipped with ultra-efficient lighting technology. The company uses an intelligent water reclamation process to reduce its ecological footprint. Morning Dew also hosts a biannual Dew Work Incubator that connects participants with industry opportunities and promotes equitable access to careers in legalized cannabis.

Where to Buy Morning Dew Cannabis in MA

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Morning Dew flower is sold in Massachusetts dispensaries, including Orange Cannabis Co.

Buy Morning Dew Cultivars at Orange Cannabis Co.

Orange Cannabis Co. is a locally-owned and operated premium cannabis dispensary driven by a mission to offer only the very best quality cannabis flower and infused products at the best prices.

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