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Kiva Edibles

Kiva began more than a decade ago, the result of combining the founders’ passions for cannabis and high-quality chocolates, snacks, and other edible products. It’s since grown to become the top edible brand nationwide, with more than 400 employees. Kiva is known for its stringent quality control and potency standards, as well as stringent food safety and packaging procedures aimed at producing the purest, most reliable cannabis edibles out there. Products are crafted from all-natural ingredients like locally grown cannabis, sustainably-sourced cacao, and real flavors. Their commitment to the planet doesn’t stop there, as Kiva also uses 100% biodegradable and fully recyclable packaging.

Kiva Confections

Product Line

Kiva got its start with its signature brand of chocolate bars, still sold under the Kiva name. Powered by cold water hash, they’re available in varieties like milk or dark chocolate, flavored varieties like churro, blackberry, or s’mores, or CBD-infused bars. There are even savory options, like an everything bagel-flavored bar or delicious THC turkey gravy! Chocolate lovers will also enjoy the Terra “bites,” small flavored confections with 5 mg of THC.

Kiva also offers a number of different gummies under the Camino, Lost Farm, and Terra brands. These are offered in a wide variety of exotic flavors like habanero pineapple and wild cherry Camino gummies or Lost Farm strawberry lemonade, as well as varying potency levels (from as little as 2 mg to as much as 25mg.) CBD gummies are also available, as are THC and CBD “chews,” which are similar in consistency to taffy.

Finally, Kiva’s Petra line provides a less common but equally delightful type of THC edibles – mints! With just 2.5 mg of THC (along with some with CBD or CBN), they’re an excellent way to refresh yourself with a subtle mini-dose of relaxation.

Kiva Edibles Review

Few companies produce THC edibles with the quality and variety of the excellent offerings of Kiva. No matter what flavor buyers are craving, chances are they’ll find something to scratch the itch from Kiva or its sub-brands. In addition to taste, Kiva offers far more options than typical cannabis edibles when it comes to potency and pairings with other cannabinoids, both of which Kiva prides itself on producing in the most reliable doses possible. For Bay State cannabis consumers craving chocolate bars, chews, mints, or gummies, there are few better choices.

Where to Buy Kiva Edibles in MA

Come See Us!

Kiva is a nationwide brand, operating in numerous states where cannabis sales are legal. In Massachusetts, more than a half dozen dispensaries offer Kiva products in locations throughout the state. These can be found in both highly populated areas like the Boston metro and smaller towns in central and northern Massachusetts like Turner Falls and Salisbury.

Buy Kiva at Orange Cannabis Co.

The top choice for buying Kiva products in Massachusetts is clear – Orange Cannabis Company in Orange, MA. This locally-owned and -operated dispensary provides a wide selection of cannabis products, affordably priced and served by experienced budtenders who can provide guidance and reviews to help you find the perfect product. So stop by today to see what Kiva products they have in store for you to enjoy.

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