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Hi5 Seltzer

Have you tried a Hi5 seltzer yet? Hi5 cannabis infused seltzer is a refreshing, fast-acting THC beverage with Massachusetts roots. We’ve recently added their product line to our list of seltzers for sale here in Orange, MA. Read more to learn about the Hi5 brand as well as flavors, FAQs, and more.

I've bought a couple of 4-packs of the High-5 and at $15 for a 4-pack it seems reasonable to me. I've paid that or more for craft beers. I like the flavors. I tried Peach/Mango and just got Grapefruit yesterday to try. There's a little of a piney after taste but it's much less noticeable than with some other edibles.

Accurate-Temporary73 Review via Reddit

I'm super stoked that these exist. Like some others on here, I stopped drinking a few years ago. This seems like the perfect alternative for hanging out at parties. I want to try them.

burningretina Review via Reddit

Hi5 Seltzers are my go-to canna bev, better taste and effects than Levia (which tastes like poison IMO) or Cantrip and the price point is a plus.

longtimelistener585 Review via Reddit

Hi5 Seltzer

Product Specs

Hi5 made its explosive debut in the Massachusetts market when the manufacturer and distributor, Theory Wellness, launched the beverage in 2021. The product line was a hit, with an estimated three-quarter million cans sold between the release date, March 2021, and October 2021.

Hi 5 Cannabis Infused Seltzer Flavor Line

Hi5 offers a pretty wide variety of flavors, especially compared to other cannabis seltzers available on the MA market.  If you’re ever curious about current available at our shop in Orange, check out our current Hi5 inventory on our menu or give us a call at 978-633-4225.

  • Hi5 Energy: Fast-acting blend of THC, caffeine, with 5 mg THC, 80 mg caffeine
  • Hi5 Fast Acting Sour Chews: Chew, don’t drink, this cannabis-infused chew with sassy and tart flavors

Hi 5 Cannabis Infused Seltzer FAQs

How are Hi5 Seltzers made?

Cannabis infused seltzers are made just like other seltzer water, only they have one additional ingredient: cannabis. In order to infuse cannabis into the seltzer, an advanced nano-emulsification process is used to create microscopic THC particles which are then infused to create a fast-acting beverage.

Is Hi5 cannabis infused seltzer gluten-free?

Yes, they are gluten-free. The cannabis-infused beverages are made from natural fruit flavors.

How much THC is there in Hi5 cannabis drinks?

Hi5 cannabis infused seltzer contains 5mg of THC per can. THC is the compound responsible for causing a high feeling. According to Hi5, the effects are noticeable after about 5 minutes. Cannabis-infused seltzer’s fast-acting nature means you won’t have to wait long before feeling the effects as you might with edibles or tinctures. The effects come on quickly, thanks to the infusion of tiny THC particles. But this also means that the effects wear off more quickly than edibles or tinctures as well.

How many Hi5 energizing drinks should I have?

One half to one can of Hi5 might be just enough for the canna-curious. Seasoned weed consumers tend to have the capacity to tolerate higher levels of THC, so several cans may be needed before feeling the effects. This may make Hi5 seltzers more suitable to those who don’t consume cannabis often, or for settings where the goal is not to get stoned.

What is different about Hi5 products?

Products infused with cannabis, particularly edibles, tinctures and beverages, need to metabolize and break down for the body to absorb, which results in less control over how they make you feel and when you will feel the effect. Hi5 cannabis products are made in a state-of-the-art nano-emulsification process that creates microscopic particles of THC. The unique process is based on the idea that smaller particles make it easier for the body to absorb and process THC, which means the effects are felt faster and dissipate quicker. Hi5 uses this process to produce a wide variety of fruity flavors for cannabis-infused seltzer, so you can do as the company’s motto says – Drink weed today!

Hi 5 Cannabis Infused Seltzer Review

Reviewers of Hi5 seltzers agree that Hi5 has a calming effect. Referring to the their Grapefruit Seltzer, an online reviewer reported that the seltzer eased their body tension and created a mellow mood. According to another individual, “These tasted really good and it had a calming effect.”

Where to Buy Hi5 Seltzer in MA

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Looking to quench your thirst? Drop in and grab a 4-pack of Hi5 Pomegranate Seltzer at Orange Cannabis Company. Pre-order for pickup is also available via our online menu.

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