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Haze Cannabis Co.

Haze cannabis products include premium live resin concentrates and extracts that are formulated with rapid onset to ensure delivery of a full-sensory experience. Haze products available include live resin vape cartridges, live badder and live sugar. The cannabis company promises potent formulations with stronger effects and faster onset than others, with full-spectrum potency.

Sorry for the .25 nug of wax. I already smoked half of it. Great texture and very easy to work with. Had a great golden color and great sparkle. Smoked very well on top of my bowls and also out of my puffco.

lukiesdad Review via Reddit

I'm impressed they were able to cram all that THC into that 1/2 gram! Wish all my concentrates were that potent.

FrostyNuggetFan Review via Reddit

Thanks for the review!!! I’ve been trying to find some intel on this wax/brand and now I think it’s worth picking up to try (especially on price point alone).

JaacHerself Review via Reddit

Haze Cannabis Co.

Product Specs

The Haze product line includes:

  • Haze Concentrates: Live badder, live resin vape cartridges, extracted from fresh frozen flower, .5 g and 1 g
  • Haze Extracts: Shatter, wax and live resin products in various strains available, .5 g and 1 g

Haze Cannabis FAQs

Who makes Haze Cannabis products?

Haze extracts and other cannabis products are made by Sira Naturals, Inc., a vertically-integrated producer and seller of medical cannabis and related products in the state of Massachusetts. Sira Naturals, which was acquired in 2018 by AYR Wellness, Inc, cultivates, manufactures and sells medical marijuana in Massachusetts, with products that include oil, edibles, and vaporizer products. Sira Naturals, Inc. is the largest vertically integrated cannabis provider in Massachusetts. Haze is promoted as a premium cannabis experience at an attractive price point, the result of improvements in cultivation and production.

What is different about Haze Cannabis products?

Haze is unique in that Sira Naturals advocates a scientific approach to natural medical marijuana production. Because the company’s mission is to manufacture products that make customers feel better with natural cannabis, it embeds science in the cultivation process under the belief that nature continues to surpass science and must be respected. Haze extracts are formulated with the finest fresh frozen and cured cannabis material that can be found, in addition to a pioneering extraction process used to make all of the Haze concentrate product lines.

Where to Buy Haze Extracts in MA

Come See Us!

Haze Cannabis products are sold in Massachusetts dispensaries, including Orange Cannabis Company in Orange, MA.

Buy Haze Cannabis products at Orange Cannabis Company

Orange Cannabis Company is a locally-owned and operated dispensary driven to provide high-quality cannabis flower and infused products at competitive prices. Orange Cannabis is also committed to enriching and empowering the community it serves. The Orange Cannabis Co. is owned and managed by the Massachusetts-based Power Fund Holdings, LLC, led by Boston native Sean Power, and investors and managers who are leaders in cannabis, agriculture and other industries.

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