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Gibby's Garden Cannabis

Gibby’s Garden Cannabis bills itself as a “woman-owned and family-operated cannabis microbusiness.” It was founded in Uxbridge, MA, in 2017. The company grows its cannabis with all-natural and organic inputs, producing a high-quality, high-testing flower. Gibby’s serves both wholesale dispensary clients as well as offering direct retail sales to customers.

I've been able to try their OG Kush twice, and man was I super impressed. I'd say it's up there with MAC rainbow Road and some stuff from 253 as the best bud I got my hands on in the MA rec system. That family definitely knows what they're doing.

lazyman2999 Review via Reddit

I picked up their High Chew strain the other day and its awesome. Great smell, really far from the hay-smell a lot of poorly cured dispo strains have

With the use of the OG Kush strain and the zig zag filters the product experience definitely has a more vintage feel and I like that. Having smoked the pre-roll it definitely got me where I wanted to be in terms of the high and made my evening more enjoyable.

Jeremiah MacKinnon Review via NEC News Today

Gibby's Garden

Product Specs

Gibby’s Garden provides a variety of cannabis products designed to appeal to users, no matter their preferred method of enjoyment. This includes not only flower, but also pre-rolls, concentrates, and tinctures.

Flower is available in Sativa, Indica, and hybrid strains of varying potency. Energizing, mentally-stimulating Sativas include Blue Dream and Tropicana Banana, among others. Those looking to soothe pain or relax will have their choice of Indica strains like High Chew and Blueberry. Hybrids like Apple Fritter, Moby Grape, and OG Kush round out the mix. These can also be purchased in pre-rolls of a half-gram or whole gram, as well as packs of multiple pre-rolls.

Gibby’s Garden concentrates provide potent sessions for experienced users or those looking for an extra boost to their experience. With choices ranging from kief to live rosin to full plant concentrates, there are options for all consumption methods. Meanwhile, tinctures make enjoying cannabis easier than ever, with just a few drops taken directly or mixed into drinks or food.

Gibby’s Garden Cannabis Review

Cannabis consumers of all stripes will likely find something to like from Gibby’s Garden. An all-natural process allows users to rest easy knowing no harsh chemicals, pesticides, or other products have been used in the production of their flower. THC percentages range from the low teens to the high twenties, providing choices for all tolerance levels. While Gibby’s Garden doesn’t offer edibles, tinctures make consuming cannabis easier than ever. These can provide a great entry point for light cannabis users or a chance for a mild pick-me-up or boost for those who enjoy more frequently.

Where To Buy Gibby’s Garden Cannabis in Massachusetts

The good news for cannabis consumers in Massachusetts is that Gibby’s Garden products are available at more than two dozen different dispensaries operating within the Bay State. These include companies big and small, which may offer all or only some of Gibby’s Garden products. As noted above, Gibby’s Garden also offers direct-to-retail sales, so buyers can reach out to them directly for purchases.

Where to Buy Gibby's Garden Cannabis in MA

Come See Us!

While you have plenty of choices when it comes to buying Gibby’s Garden Cannabis, the best one is clear – Orange Cannabis Company in Orange, MA. Located on Main Street in Orange’s delightful, quaint historic district, Orange Cannabis Company provides a variety of Gibby’s Garden products at competitive prices. The knowledgeable staff can help shoppers find the perfect strain or product type for their needs, making the buying process a quick, no-stress experience. Orange Cannabis Company is even taking major steps to give back to the local community, building a state-of-the-art grow facility nearby. Don’t wait – stop in to pick up some Gibby’s Garden or other top-quality cannabis products today.

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