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Looking for affordable pre-rolls in MA? How does just three bucks for a pre-roll sound?

If your wallet’s looking a bit slim, but you’ve got a craving for your favorite bud, we’ve got you covered at Orange Cannabis Co. with just what you need. We pride ourselves on offering good value pre-rolls at excellent prices, so everyone has access to top-quality cannabis.

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Get a Half Gram of Your Favorite Strains for Just $3

Looking for a good wake-and-bake strain? Need a nice therapeutic strain to take the edge off what ails you? Whether you are looking for a good Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid, we’ve got affordable pre-rolls in many different forms. You can grab a pre-roll that serves up a potent mix of euphoria-inducing cannabinoids, go with a strain a bit lighter, or stick with a strain only for its flavor. A few top contenders you may find on our $3 pre-roll menu include:

  • Wedding Cake
  • Jilly Bean
  • Motorbreath
  • Melonade
  • GMO Cookies
  • Blue Haze
  • And more!

Keep in mind, our value pre-rolls never last long once they hit the shelves. And, popular strains go quickly when they become available. Be sure to check back daily to see what new strains we have available in our dispensary and get what you want before it’s gone.

What Brands Are Available?

Just because $3 pre-rolls are affordable it does not mean you don’t get access to top brands and growers. A few brands you will catch on our Budhaus, Berkshire Roots, Good Chemistry, and so many more. We love serving up a mix of brands, so all customers get to try flower from different growers to track down their personal favorites.

How many $3 pre-rolls can you get?

Because this deal for affordable cannabis is so incredibly popular, we do have to put a cap on how many pre-rolls we can sell to each individual customer. And, there are daily purchase limits in MA we all have to abide by. However, you can get as many as five pre-rolls per day at our dispensary, which is plenty of smoke to last most customers for at least a few days. If you want to make sure you get your hands on five pre-rolls for the day, it can be best to place your order in advance online for pickup.

Affordable Cannabis At Its Finest, Always at Orange

Ready to get your hands on affordable pre-rolls in Massachusetts? Be sure to stop in for a visit at Orange Cannabis Co. Mix and match, create a stash, or try something new without investing a lot of money. Don’t forget, you can check out our online menu to see what we have available and order ahead for convenient pickup. Our premium $3.00 pre-rolls tend to fly off the shelves. We are excited to offer high-quality, premium cannabis pre-rolls at a price you can’t beat!

We are located at 5 S Main St, Orange, MA 01364 and have a great selection of pre-rolls for sale from Massachusetts cannabis brands like Ace Weidman’s, Berkshire Roots, Budhaus, Commonwealth Alternative Care, Cultivate, EOS Farms, Good Chemistry Nurseries, Nature’s Heritage, Sira Naturals Prerolls, The Heirloom Collective, The Pass, Trail Stix, and more!

**$3.00 half gram pre-rolls are only available from select cultivators while supplies last.

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Buy Premium Pre-rolls at Orange Cannabis Company

Whether you’re looking for an affordable pre-roll that still packs a punch, or if you’ve got a particular brand in mind, we have a selection worth checking out here at Orange Cannabis Company.

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